Quality food for regular people to eat every day.

Anavery Fine Foods raises heritage breed animals in a healthy setting to provide your family with the best tasting meat, poultry and eggs.  We practice ethical animal husbandry and regenerative agriculture so you can feel good about what you buy.  Anavery is brought to you by The Weinrich Farm in Traverse City, Michigan.

The Meat Club

Join The Meat Club to receive a bi-weekly box of your favorite products.  We currently offer pork, lamb, beef, chicken, turkey and eggs.  Subscription periods are for four months and run throughout the year.  Discover the delicious flavor of locally-raised meat!

We have loved getting our box of fresh meat, eggs, and whole chickens from Anavery Fine Foods. The sirloin and strip steaks are tender and delicious, and the roasted chicken was a favorite among the whole family. After our first box, Grandma wanted in too! Highly recommend signing up for the Weinrich’s top quality, farm fresh products at a great value.

Rebecca, Traverse City

We love the beef, lamb, and eggs that we get from Anavery Fine Foods. The meat is delicious and we only want to eat their eggs. While we order plenty of lamb at a time, it is always a treat! We highly recommend Anavery to anyone interested in fresh and tasty meat and eggs!

Daniel, Cadillac

Our family values eating food that is grown with the quality of community in mind, and that’s why we buy meat from Anavery Fine Foods. We appreciate that the animals are raised ethically with a focus on quality and taste while maintaining a reasonable price.

Justin, Traverse City

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