Our pigs are resilient heritage breeds that live outdoors on fenced-in pasture.  Breeds currently on our farm are Red Waddle, Idaho Pasture and Mulefoot.  Conventional pigs breeds spend their entire lives indoors, never see the sunlight, receive a steady supply of antibiotics, and consume primarily corn and soy.  In contrast, our heritage breeds live in the mud and sun and snow, and require a minimum of medical intervention.  They eat a varied diet of wild and sown plants, locally grown grain blends, and surplus bread from local bakeries.  The flavor and appearance of naturally raised heritage pork is nothing like the bland and pale product of chain grocery stores.  Once you try our pork, you won’t want to eat any other!


Our chicken eggs come from our flock of heritage breed layer hens.  We are proud of our rainbow colored eggs and doubt that you will find better tasting eggs anywhere.  Breeds currently pecking around the farm include Easter Egger, Silkie, Starlight Green, Welsummer, Red Star, Pearl White Leghorn, and Whiting True Blue.  The laying ladies spend their days free ranging on the farm and in a large enclosed run, and their nights in our two big coops.  The hens’ diet consists of free ranged plants and bugs and locally grown grains.


Our sheep are the principal residents of our farm’s extensive pasture.  We have an expanding flock of Poly-pays and North Country Cheviots, two heritage breeds that do well on pasture and in cold climates.  They eat, run and breed in our rolling fields and have the option of seeking safety in our large barn.  Their diet consists of the varied plants in our pasture and the hay that we cut.  Quality lamb is difficult to find in northern Michigan, and the little available has often travelled around the world from New Zealand.  We are pleased to supply other lamb lovers in our region with a delicious product!


We always keep a few beef cattle for our Meat Club customers and our family’s own freezers.  At present we have a few Angus crosses, and plan to add heritage breeds in the future.  They are exclusively grass-fed and live a comfortable life alongside our sheep grazing in the pasture and lazing in the sun.


Roaster chickens for our Meat Club customers are raised on an Amish farm one hour south of Traverse City.  These Cornish Crosses live on free range pasture and spend the day outdoors.  Chicken meat at chain grocery stores is full of antibiotics and water and empty of flavor.  We are pleased to sell chicken that is naturally and ethically raised and rich in authentic flavor.


We currently raise the familiar Broad Breasted White and the picturesque Broad Breasted Bronze.  Our turkeys spend their lives in fenced pasture eating plants and bugs, as well as locally grown grains.  Their comfortable, healthy lifestyle results in meat that will change how you think about turkey.  Our turkeys are currently only available in mid-November.

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