The Meat Club is similar to joining a vegetable CSA, and similar to buying whole animals from a local farm. You sign up at the beginning of each subscription period, and we will have a box ready for you every two weeks. Unlike a vegetable CSA, you get to choose what you want in your box. You can choose a little of everything we produce, or only one or two products. Unlike buying whole animals, we store your meat and only put a few cuts in each bi-weekly box. To keep prices low and the process simple, we sell most animals as wholes, halves and quarters. At the current time we don’t sell individual cuts of meat. For example, if you order pork and beef your box will contain traditional favorites like bacon and ground beef. But you will also have under-appreciated but flavorful cuts like skirt steak and ham hocks!

Choose a subscription period.

We offer The Meat Club three times a year for four month periods: Jan-Apr, May-Sep, Oct-Dec. You can subscribe up until one month before the subscription period begins, or until we reach capacity.

Choose which products you want in your box.

We offer chicken eggs, pork, lamb, beef, whole chickens and turkey.

Choose how much of each product you want.

Eggs are by the dozen.. Pork and lamb is whole, half or quarter. Beef is half, quarter or 50lbs. Chickens are whole bird. Turkeys are whole and half.

Choose one-time payment or installments.

Pick up your order.

Once the subscription period begins, stop by our farm every two weeks to collect your meat. We will pack each box to include 1/8 of each product that you purchased, providing your family a varied assortment of cuts to enjoy until the next collection day.

Meet other members of the club!

During each subscription period, we will hold on-farm events to let you see where your food comes from and to offer cooking tips for familiar (and unfamiliar) cuts

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