The Weinrich Farm is a 78 acre diversified, regenerative farm outside of Traverse City, Michigan.  Our farm began several years ago with the audacious idea to leave our big city office jobs and return to the land as first generation farmers. We desired to trade skyscrapers for open fields, grocery store food for home-raised products, and competitive Wall Street jobs for cooperative rural livelihoods.  We purchased our land in 2019 and immediately went to work restoring the farm to commercial production.  We are only the third family to live on this land in the last 100 years.

We prize the local families that we supply with food.  We value the local grocery stores that allow us to supply them.  We are fortunate to have relationships with other local farms for animal feed, hay, and breeding stock.

We stand for high quality food that regular people can afford to eat every day.  We stand for sustainable animal husbandry that treats animals ethically.  We stand for the local food economy and seek only to sell within our region, and to source most of our inputs and services locally. We stand for heritage animal breeds that are resilient, adapted to Michigan, and highly flavorful.

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